Fun Loving. Introvert. Workaholic. Fashionista. Bargain Hunter. Homebody. Football Fanatic. Loyal Friend. Cat Lady.


Hey guys, thanks for stoping by!  I’m a twenty-three year old, hard-ass, New Englander currently residing on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Just recently graduated from college, I’m living back at home with my parents and cats for the time being.

In May 2016, I graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Construction Science and Management. You’re probably thinking, what?! when you read that, and trust me, I’m used to that reaction. In order to get a break from the boys, I became a sister of Gamma Phi Beta. Being at Clemson and living in the South taught me a lot about myself, tw13509060_10210280578279673_7951559146540234210_no of the main things being how to be independent and “adult” while most people were still living off of their parents bank accounts, and that I belonged back in New England. I loved my years at Clemson, and wouldn’t have done it differently, but I was ready to go home as soon as I walked across that stage to accept my degree.

Before I graduated, I accepted a job outside of Boston at a large general contractor, which to this day is the greatest accomplishment of my life. For people who aren’t really familiar with the construction industry, the best way to explain what I do is: the architect designs the plans, gives the plans to us, and we hire the subcontractors to build it and do all the behind the scenes stuff. Got it?  Obviously this is a male dominated industry, and I love every minute of it. I learn best and work best with guys, so it was a no brainer.

But ya kn14717108_10211336827045232_6514680980710601041_now, sometimes I need to be surrounded by a community of girl bosses, and this is where fitness coaching comes into play. I discovered hobby/job/outlet when I was feeling so uncomfortable about my body this summer. I could just never find the motivation to head to the gym after work, plus I was sitting down all day, so the weight slowly started to creep on.  That’s when I found that I could work out at home, in front of my tv, for only 30 minutes a day, and get better results than I ever did at the gym.  So as well as figuring out all this adult stuff, I’m on a journey of bettering my health and fitness. And the best part is, I get to help others along the way.

I have big goals and plans for the future, and I plan on making them happen!