Post Grad: 1 Year of Living at Home

Throughout college and even high school, I always said “I will never move back in with my parents after I graduate!” Well, when the time came, my senior year was ending, and I had landed a job, I ended up being ok with moving back to my childhood bedroom.


Why?  I lived in an apartment for 3 years beforehand, how could I possibly move back in with my folks?  I wasn’t unemployed, and actually was going to be making good money.


Because it’s friggen expensive to live in Metro West, and just Massachusetts in general!  When I graduated I was about $100K in debt, why would you ever want half of you income going towards rent–something that’s not an investment that you will never see again.  Rent around here is just as much as a mortgage payment on a house.


Because of this reason, my boyfriend and I really do not believe that renting is a good option for us, especially when he is trying to purchase a home for us.  So, into my parents house I moved back to to save money and pay off as much debt as I could!


There’s been times where I’m so glad I live at home, and other times where I’m like “get me out of here!!!”  But overall, it’s been a great learning experience for me and I’d love to share the benefits and not so great parts about moving back in with Mom and Dad.


The Pros:

  1. Saving at least $1500 a month in living expenses.
  2. Coming home to a dinner by my Mom and not having to worry about cooking–something that I had been doing myself for the previous 3 years, so it’s nice to get a break from it.
  3. Not having to worry about paying the rent, cable, wifi, water, and electric bill on time every month.
  4. Free dog.  I get all of the doggy cuddle I want without any of the commitment.
  5. No having to furnish an apartment.  I bought myself a bigger bed, but that was it, still have all the same furniture since I was in high school.
  6. No stress of having to find a new place to live.  I’m familiar in the neighborhood and feel safe.  No surprises here!


The Cons:

  1. My food seems to magically disappear.  Or the stove is being used when I’m trying to cook.
  2. Never alone.
  3. The dog has eaten 3 pairs of my shoes and 2 pajama pants.
  4. Getting yelled at about stuff I didn’t do.
  5. All TV’s in the house (with cable) are occupied.  Maybe I’ll watch live TV once a month
  6. Getting woken up by everyone fumbling around in the morning (since I don’t wake up at the crack of dawn anymore)

To me, the money I’ve saved has definitely been worth it, considering I’ve paid off almost $40k of debt.  It definitely has not been easy, and I’m so grateful to my parents for letting me stay there at pretty much no charge.  


If you’re trying to do the same, my advice is to constantly remind yourself why you’re doing it (to save money, to find a job, etc.).  When it gets hard or frustrating, think about all the benefits this decision has giving you.  Thank your parents, take them out to dinner, and don’t let it ruin your relationship with them.  Your sacrifice of  choosing not to move into the luxury apartment in the city will pay off financially in the long run!!


Fingers crossed that by the end of summer, we will have closed on this house and before Christmas it will ready to move in and I will have another adventure to write about.

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