Tips for Spending Less

I’m constantly going in and out of phases where I feel that I need to save save save and spend less, and then there are times where I just go to TJ Maxx and buy everything.  It’s a struggle.  I think it’s just one of those things where the season changes and you think you need a whole new wardrobe and to redecorate your house, but then come a month later you’re like why the F did I buy this?  I need to pay off my debt!


I am currently in the phase where I really want to tighten my budget and focus on my long term goals (paying off debt, moving, traveling).  So here are some strategies that have really helped me in the past stay focused on not buying all the things and be vigilant about where every dollar goes.


So get out a pen and paper, and get your ideas out of that head!!



Budget:  Know how much you make every month?  Write it down.  Any fixed or predictable expenses?  Write that down.  Think about everything that you spend money on.  Break it down into categories. Go through your bank statements and see what you actually have been spending money on.  See any places where you can shave some money off of?  Whether you write it down by hand, in a spreadsheet, or use you need to visually see it.  Your brain is an idea creator, not a storage machine.


Unsubscribe:  You know all those emails you get from your favorite stores, telling you the AMAZING deals they’re having right now?  Well you need to unsubscribe from those.  Yes, you can get great deals, but would you buy it if you didn’t see that there was a sale going on?  Probably not.  These emails always suck me into go to their website and look at all the crap that I don’t need, and eventually buy and then regret later when I get the bill.  Go through your emails and spend 10 minutes unsubscribing .  This tedious time will save you lots of your hard earned in the long run.


Put Limits On Yourself:  Telling myself that I can only buy coffee on Fridays has really helped me avoid my favorite coffee shop at all costs.  Do this for your weak areas– eating out only one day a week, drinking alcohol only on the weekends, going to Marshalls only on the last tuesday every month.  Trust me, it will help keep your urges under control if you only have a set time period to indulge.


Make A List Of The Things That You “Need” That Month:  Going to a wedding and need a dress?  Someone’s birthday?  New Planner?  Write it down and along with how much you want to spend on that item.  This will help you focus throughout the month on the things you actually need to buy, and help you keep a look out for a great deal.  You can also easily plan you budget around these extra expenses.


Do you have any secrets when it comes to saving money or avoiding spending?  Comment below, I would love some help (:

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