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The Best Time of Day to Workout

A question I get a lot is “what is the best time to get my workout in?  What will get me the best results?”  I’ve seen it debated over and over again, and you know what I found: there NO right answer!


The real answer to this question is whatever works and feels best for you!  So, this post is about my experiences with working out at different time of day and what has worked for ME.  You’re not me!  I do not have your schedule!  So take whatever you need from this post to come up with your own plan to start, or continue with your fitness journey.

After School/After Work:Throughout high school, and until recently, this was the route I always took.  I would go straight from school to the gym almost every day or straight home from work to get my sweat on in my basement.  The great part about this was not waking up early, or having to take a shower in the middle of the day.  Just throw on some gym clothes, workout, shower, have dinner and relax.  This has always been a pretty reliable routine for me.  But, on those day where you just want to curl up in a ball and not do anything, or you have to meet your friends at 6, or have an appointment right after work, chances are you won’t follow through with your work out, or at least that’s how it was for me.



Midday/Lunch Break:  This is usually my go-to on the weekends!  I’ve never really hard core workout out in the middle of the day at work, but I do try to walk on the treadmill or outside every day.  I like this because it gives you a break from work and lets you clear your mind.  I’m usually very lose by this time of day, so I’ll have a better range of motion for exercises and things feel less forced.  The hard part of this one is just getting showered off and ready to resume the day.  For me, I can’t fit a good workout in and get my hair lookin’ all nice within an hours time (this girl’s got a stupid amount of hair).  So, as I said, I usually reserve this routine for when I have nothing to do on Saturdays and don’t have to rush to get ready, or I keep it light with a refreshing walk.


Early Morning:  My day starts at an unthinkable hour for most people when I decide to get my workout in before work: 4 am.  YEP, for real.  Just recently my hours at work had to change from 6 am-3pm to now 7am-4pm.  I know myself too well to know that the last thing I’d want to do at 5:30 or 6 at night is workout,that I made the commitment to working out super early.  I honestly thought this would only last me a week.  I figured when I heard that alarm go off at 4 am for the 5th day in a row that I would throw my phone across the room.  

But, today is my second week of committing to this new routine and I can truthfully say that I love it!  Yeah, getting up early sucks balls, but the feeling of getting my workout done before I do anything else is pretty incredible.  I love not having to think about the fact that I have to work out when I get home all day long.  I’ve definitely found that I have made healthier nutrition choices throughout the day when I workout in the morning.  Who doesn’t need a little help in that area?  I’ve also felt that I am a lot more awake and energetic for the duration of the day, when I figured I’d be a tired bitch for waking up so early.


In summary, each of these times throughout the day have their own pros and cons to them; it all just depends on what works for me that day.  Either sleep in for an extra hour and get it done later, or wake up early and be relieved that it’s over with.


What have you found works best for you and why??


Need help trying to fit an effective workout into your busy schedule??  Comment below or contact me!  I know I can help you out!

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