Job Hunting From Another City

Throw back to September 2015, my second to last semester of college, and I was hyperventilating about finding a job for after I graduated in 9 months.  I REFUSED to go back into the service industry until I found a “big girl” job.  It wasn’t just that I didn’t want to, it was that I NEEDED to make more money and keep my sanity as well as my dignity.

Clemson offered plenty of career help and career fairs.  My own major put on a career fair twice a year with companies from our industry.  It was definitely great to know that there were jobs out there and that the job market was a lot better than when I started college in 2012.  Though I was surrounded by opportunity in the Upstate of South Carolina, and the South in general, I had one big problem:  I DID NOT want to stay in the South.  I had known for a while that I didn’t belong there (blog post to come) and back home in Massachusetts was where I was meant to live out the rest of my life.

So though I was surrounded by so many tools, resources, and people to help land a job after graduation, I felt that very little of it applied to me.  So, this forced me to buckle down, put on my big girl pants, and figure stuff out for myself.

The point of this blog is to help my generation with the problems I’ve faced and had to figure out on my own.  This topic, was probably one of the biggest struggles I faced within the past few years, so I am happy to share with everyone what worked for ME, who trying to find a job from 1000 miles away.

Job Hunting From another City


  1.  LinkedIn:  This is seriously a non-negotiable.  You probably have 3-4 other social media accounts, so why not add another.  I was kind of scared to start one up at first because I was self conscious about my “professional experience”.  But you just have to suck it up and believe in your self if you’re serious about picking up your life and finding another job in a different area, especially when you don’t have any connections to help you get a job.  LinkedIn Job Hunting

The biggest advantage to being on LinkedIn when you’re trying to land a job in another city/area in the search bar at the top of the page.  All you have to do is type in a job title that you’d be looking for, and “job for ___ title” will appear.  You Click on that, and it brings you to another page.  On here, you can narrow down your search by location, which was a life saver for me!!  You can also narrow down your searches by “experience level”.  This makes it so you’re not searching through job openings that require you to have 20 years of experience.  It just saves you time, overall.

2.  Google search:  I know this sounds pretty basic, but this brought me to more opportunities than anything else.  So I basically just typed in “Construction Companies in Boston”, then clicked on the map that appears.  And, no lie, I literally clicked on every single red dot on the map, and went to every single Job Hunting Google Mapscompanies website.  I would look to see if they had a “Join __ Team” tab, or an email address to send your resume to.

Why is this the way to do it?  Because, when you live in a different area than you’re trying to find a job in, you definitely do not know of all the companies and opportunities out there.  Also, a lot of companies only post job openings on certain websites.  So there is not one place where you will find every single job listing out there.  Yes, this takes a lot of time and work, but it seriously does take a lot of work to find a job, no matter what you do.

Set aside 5-10 hours a week, or every Saturday for a month, and get down to business trying to find a job.  You need to make it your “part-time job” if you’re serious about making a major change in your life.


3 thoughts on “Job Hunting From Another City

  1. It’s definitely doable. I was living in Washington, D.C. when I applied for and ultimately got a job in Washington State. That’s clear across the country and I’m from Texas so it’s not like I had a leg up there.


  2. I moved from upstate NY to NYC. Found my roommate on craigslist, and called Papa Johns in Time Square and got a job over the phone. It wasn’t much but it was income to get me by until I found something permanent. I became an administrative assistant in Queens within 3 months.

    Very good advice you’re giving for someone that plans to make a big move!


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