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3 Day Refresh Review and Results

3 day refresh cleanse detox

Why I  Cleansed:

Unlike most people I work with assumed, I did not go on this cleanse to loose weight.  I NEVER weigh myself.  For the most part, I’m happy with my body, definitely some areas to improve on, but isn’t there always?  I did this cleanse in order to detox from all the shit I had been eating in between Thanksgiving and New Years!  Like it was bad.  I didn’t gain 10 lbs, but I felt just not myself; slow, sluggish, unmotivated, not sleeping well.  Like why wouldn’t I want to change how I felt if I had a way to?

For me, being healthy isn’t about looking a certain way, it’s about FEELING my best.

What I used to cleanse:

3 day refresh cleanse

After hearing such amazing things about it, I decided to try out the 3 Day Refresh.   I had seen reviews, and heard from fellow coaches that you not only loose a little weight, but it resets your eating habits, which was my big problem!  My goal going into it was to come out the other side less addicted to sugar and stop craving fried foods!

This program last for 3 days, and the eating plan goes like this:


I’m weird, and have no problem eating the same thing every day, so that’s just what I did to make it simpler on myself.  I prepped all my snacks and meals over the weekend so I could just throw it in the fridge a work for the 3 days.  Here is what I specifically did for the cleanse:

Breakfast: apple and chocolate vegan Shakeology with water

Mid-morning: fiber sweep with cold water

Lunch: vanilla fresh shake blended with 1 cup of spinach and 2/3 cup of blueberries

Snack: serving of baby carrots

Dinner: oven roasted asparagus coated in olive oil and sprinkled with Asian seasoning, and vanilla fresh shake with nutmeg


I followed this plans for 3 days straight.  It definitely was not easy, but I had zero cheats!  It was incredible to see how much will power I have.  Went out to eat with some guys at work, didn’t cheat.  Watched my mom cook delicious dinner, didn’t cheat.  It was crazy!

And everything actually tasted pretty good that was on the cleanse meal plan.  The only issue I had was with the Fiber Sweep drink, and only because of its texture, because it really didn’t have any taste to it.  I also discovered my love for asparagus, thanks cleanse!


Honestly, I didn’t see a ton of change in my physique.  Might stomach got a little flatter, and my thighs a little slimmer, but nothing dramatic.  There’s only so much changing your body can do when you’re my size and I get that.

Here are my before and after pictures:

The real difference I saw, and what I was looking to get out of this was that I got my hunger under control, as well as my cravings.  My main problem I have had since Thanksgiving was my portion sizes.  I’m one of those people who feels bad not eating everything on their plate and it was getting out of control.  Eating less food throughout the day on this cleanse showed me that I am not going to starve to death if I don’t eat everything.  I’m also not really feeling that sweet tooth so much anymore.  As I said, I WANT MEAT! Maybe even some salted cashews, but I am fine with just having my chocolate superfood shake.  3 day refresh cleanse detox

Overall I feel healthier and lighter.  The lead weight I had been carrying around in my gut since Thanksgiving is gone!  This cleanse has brought me back to my normal self, and I’m ready to start back on my portion control meal plan tomorrow!

My thoughts throughout the 3 Days:

Day 1 thoughts: Started out strong and feeling good.  But then, the afternoon rolled around and I was getting hangry.  Had some carrots as my afternoon snack and they legit took me 40 minutes to eat.  So pathetic!  I just hate their texture!  Got home from work and through my asparagus in the oven.  I had never really had it before, so I was nervous.  It was delicious and really hit the spot!!

Day 2 thoughts: woke up feeling good this morning. Slept through the night without waking up starving, so that’s always good!  Started out with an apple right when I got to work, took my time eating it, and then made my Shakeology at 7 with the hopes of it holding off my hunger for longer today.  Not as hungry throughout the afternoon and ate my carrots on my drive home.
Day 3 thoughts:Got a late start on my breakfast today, and surprisingly wasn’t starving as I worked without filling my belly.  Once again, the afternoon was sorta hard, but thats pretty much because I didn’t look forward to the carrots.  Other than that, feeling good.  I’m not craving sugar, but I am craving meat!  This is the longest I’ve gone without it.  I am so excited to have some chicken, even eggs, tomorrow!!

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