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21 Day Fix Review

  Before I became a Beachbody coach, I had definitely heard of 21 Day Fix through infomercials or people posting their transformations on Facebook.  This was back when I thought that working out at home wasn’t for me and that it was only people who didn’t know how to work out.  So, I barely paid attention to it.  


Flash forward to present day and I can honestly say this was the most effective workout I have ever done and got amazing results with.  After extensive review reading and vlog viewing, I decided to purchase the 21 Day Fix and commit to it for three weeks of my life!  

21 day fix

21 Day Fix Program Basics:


Length: 21 Days

Workout Duration: 30 mins a day, 7 days a week

Workouts Included: Total Body Cardio, Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Pilates Fix, Cardio Fix, Dirty 30, Yoga Fix, 10 Minute Fix for Abs, Plyo Fix

Equipment needed: Light resistance bands or a light (3-5lbs) and a heavy (8-10lbs) set of weights

Difficulty level: Beginner-Intermediate

Meal Plan: Color-coded portion control containers based on calculated calorie intake.






Comes with lists of allowed foods along with how much to eat of each.  The meal plan guide also comes with a ton of 21 Day fix approved recipes!  Shakeology is also recommended while completing this program, and also helps fight off sugar cravings.


Why I love this program:


It’s so easy to follow!  It comes with a calendar of workouts, so there is no guessing which one you should do.  At first when I saw that you workout every day on this program I was a little scared.  I was having a hard enough time forcing myself to stick to 6 days on PiYo.  But, two of the days are “active recovery days”, Pilates and yoga, so no jumping up and down or sweating profusely.  Plus it’s ONLY 30 minutes.  Everyone has 30 minutes to spare in their day.


I also loved how quickly the workouts went by.  All of the exercises are 60 seconds lo21 day fixng and repeated once.  Though the exercises are tough, it’s only 60 seconds, and the amazing trainer, Autumn, constantly reminds you that you can do anything for 60 seconds.  Plus there’s a modifier, so if you’re just starting out, or just in a funk one day, you can always follow her to get a more simplified, but effective workout.


Then there’s the genius meal plan.  The program comes with 6 color-coded, portion control containers, each representing a food group.  By calculating your caloric intake in the you meal plan book, it tells you how many of each container you get each day.  I’m in the 1200 calorie category, and honestly, I felt like I couldn’t eat all the food at first because I was full!  However, you quickly get use to eating the healthy, whole foods, and crave it!  It’s seriously amazing how incredible you can feel when you’re properly fueling your body.  I found myself having more natural energy and sleeping through the night for one in my life.   Its seriously the only thing that has made me incorporate fruits and veggies into my diet.


Getting all that processed crap and sugar out of my diet was the key to my transformation.  It’s true what they say, exercising can only do so much.  “Abs are made in the kitchen”.  It was only when I stuck to this meal plan that I really saw my results show.  My abs were starting to show through for the first time ever, and the jiggle was non-existent in my thighs and butt.  It was seriously amazing to see how hard work and commitment can pay off!

21 Day Fix

I recommend this program to anyone who is looking to make a change to their health and fitness, no matter how big or small.  The combination of the fitness and nutrition plan are worth every penny.  However, just don’t expect to lose 50 lbs in 21 days!!  That is so unrealistic.  This isn’t a program that you just do for 21 days and then resume your seat on the couch.  You should do multiple rounds to achieve and maintain your results!


Interested in learning more, contact me or comment below?  Ready to take dive in?  Click the “Join the Team” button at the top of the page (:


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