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Get Paid…For Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution


Wow, I can’t believe that there is less than two weeks until a new year is upon us.  2016 was such an amazing year for me (post to come), and I’m actually kind of sad to see it go.  Time just seems to really fly as you get older.


With a new year comes a “fresh start” for a lot of people.  It just always seems like the perfect time to do that thing you’ve always wanted, or quit that habit that you should have quit a long time ago.  The new year is just sort of a magical thing where everyone gets the confidence to make their dream happen, or at least attempt to.  Apparently, only 8% of people follow through with their resolution to the end.  But why?

  1. No thought out plan to accomplish them
  2. Lack of accountability
  3. Lack of motivation after the first couple of weeks


When I think of New Year’s Resolutions, all of the people who plan to lose 10 pounds, eat better, and just be all around healthier individuals, come to mind.  It’s pretty much a cliche at this point.  On, or right before January 1st, people flood to the gyms to sign up for their $10/month memberships with the hopes of becoming a healthier version of themselves in the New Year.  It’s the time of year that consistent gym goers hate.  The parking lot is packed, the machines are filled up, and people who have no idea what they’re doing just take up space. But then, February rolls around, and it’s back to the normal crowd.  The New Year’s hype and excitement is over and people resume their pre-New Year’s habits.


Will this be the year that be different for you?


If you go into 2017 with the same plan as you did last year and failed, why is it going to work this time?!  Think about it!!


If I drive with my eyes closed and crash into a mailbox, am I going to try it again and expect to get to my destination without the same thing happening?!?


That’s where the Health Bet comes in.


Starting Monday, January 9th, Beachbody will be starting its second Health Bet.  We did this back in September and it was a huge success; 75% of people who participated reached their goals!!


What is the Health Bet?


Beachbody is contributing up to $3 million dollars into a pot.  Log your Superfood Shake with a picture into the My Challenge Tracker App 5 times a for a month and your workout 3 times a week to qualify for a cut of the pot.  So pretty much you get paid to workout and be healthy, its pretty awesome.

What you need to participate:


A Challenge Pack and the My Challenge Tracker App (Free)!  A challenge pack comes with an at-home workout program, 30 day supply of a yummy, desert-like, superfood shake, a meal plan, a private accountability/motivation group, and support from your coach 24/7!  Check out my post about Challenge groups (hyperlink) to learn more.


Why this will work better than the gym?

  1. Accountability group to keep you on track
  2. Never have the excuse of “I don’t feel like driving to the gym”
  3. Exercise AND Nutrition:
    1. Fool proof portion control meal plan
    2. Recipe book
    3. No counting calories
  4. You have a coach, FOR FREE!!  Someone to give you guidance, and cheer you onimg_0011 through this whole process
  5. No guessing what you should do at the gym, or looking clueless in front of people
  6. Get better results in HALF the time with 30 minute workouts–Who doesn’t want that?!?!
  7. Save money, cause it’s hella cheaper than a year long gym membership
  8. MAKE money by reaching your goals–get a cut of the pot


Are you into this?  Ready to let go of driving blind and actually
have a plan in place for success?  Click the “Join the Team” tab at the top.

Still not convinced?  Click the Contact Button and I’d be happy to chat!!

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