5 Stupid Things you Shouldn’t Buy When You’re Broke

I’m 23 years old and over the past 4 or 5 years, I have heard the words “I’m broke” or “I’m so poor” come out of so many people’s mouths it’s not even funny.  And this group includes myself.  Oh the college years, it’s truly an awkward period of life when you’re trying to live on your own but don’t have enough time for a full time job in order to support your cost of living.  Seriously, so unbelievably stressful.

However, most of the people who would complain about how little money they had were completely exaggerating.  They were living off of the debit card that was tied directly to their parents bank accounts.  Their parents were paying their rent, car insurance, and groceries.  Like what the hell were you spending this money on that would make you “broke”?!?!

For those of us who actually were supporting themselves, this was extremely frustrating to hear from others who, if they asked their parents for more money, they would get it no doubt.

I’ve learned a lot while trying to get by on my own.  Things that worked, things that did not.  Where to buy my groceries every week.  What I could and couldn’t afford to buy.  So here is a list of crap you absolutely shouldn’t be spending money on it you “broke”


  1. Getting your nails done- easily $40 and not a life necessity AT ALL
  2. Cable- You seriously don’t need to be spending money on a cable bill.  I thought that I couldn’t do it.  I LOVE TV.  But I did it, and am here to tell the tale today.  Why spend over $75/month on the basic plan that doesn’t even have the channels you watch.  Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are seriously all you need.  And, they’re so much cheaper!!!  When I move out (hopefully soon), I may even look into Sling TV.  I bought a Roku on Amazon for $40, and you can stream it from that.  The most basic plan is $20 and has some pretty decent channels that I would actually watch.  Honestly, I don’t think I will ever go back to cable, even when I’m makin’ the big bucks and have paid off all my loans.
  3. Coffee- $4 for a tall latte at Starbuck’s, seriously?!?!  If you go there 5 days a week, that’s at least going to cost you $80 a month.  Buy the $8 maxwell house can of coffee, find a recipe on pinterest you like, and i guarantee you you will like have an extra $70 a month in your pocket more than your Starbucks.
  4. Alcohol-  don’t even get me started on this one.  Depending on where in the country you live alcohol prices vary, I get that.  In Clemson, I could splurge on going out every now and then because a mixed drink was $4.25.  But, come up to New England, and that same drink is $10.  I like to look at it this way; would I rather spend $10 on food that will fill me up for half the day, or a drink that will last me a half hour, not quench my thirst, and probably make me sick later… hmmm
  5. Going out for lunch:  It is disgusting how much money people spend on lunch every week.  Think about it, how much do you usually spend when you go out to lunch?  I’d say somewhere between $6-$12 depending on where you go.  So let’s just say $8.  At 5 days a week, that’s $40 a week, $160 a month, $1,920 a year!!!  Barf.  Nowadays, the shake I drink every day for lunch is about $4 a day, but when I was in college, I was definitely able to get by on a hot pocket that cost me like a $1.  Bring your lunch from home if you’re truly low on cash or stress out about paying your bills every month.  You’re dumb if you don’t.

One thought on “5 Stupid Things you Shouldn’t Buy When You’re Broke

  1. Very good advice! I’m 36 and my son is 19. (Teen mom here) he also has a bank account that is linked to mine and one day I noticed a charge that said “$5 to cover overdrafted account” I was so confused! Turns out he overdrafted his account and the money to cover it came from mine! I let him have it. I can’t imagine these parents that are paying rent and everything else for their children. Maybe that’s because I’m poor, lol.

    It’s very good that you think differently than your peers!


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