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PiYo Review


PiYo was the first fitness program that I have ever completed from start to finish.  It is what has gotten me hooked on at-home fitness programs, working out every day, sticking to a set program.  

Who Is PiYo for:

-Beginner to advanced fitness levels

-those who want a low impact workout

-those who enjoy/want to learn yoga and pilates

-those who are looking for a short and effective workout


What is PiYo?

PiYo is a combination of Pilates and Yoga.  Low impact, but intense moves to get you the results you want.  This program showed me that I don’t need to jump up and down to be drenched in sweat by the end of a workout.  That was my main concern when I signed up to do these at home programs.  I HATE cardio.  I thought that was all at home fitness had to offer.  But I saw this program and it caught my eye.

I had always wanted to try yoga, but didn’t want to look like a noob in a yoga studio.  Plus I am not flexible at all!  So yeah, I was afraid I would completely embarrass myself.  And then there’s the whole money thing.  I just could never bring myself to pay $10 or more per class.

So when I saw this program, I decided to dive in, order it, and commit with a challenge pack.

What comes with it?

-10 workouts

-30 day supply of Shakeology

-Eating Plan

-Workout calendar

-Virtual motivation group access

-24/7 support from your Beachbody coach

What I expected:

I thought it would a lot of structured poses that were held for a while.  I guess you can say I expected it to be more yoga based than pilates.  And then I watched the promo video for it and saw these fitness models covered in sweat and I got scared!  I didn’t think I would be able to do it or that I was getting in over my head.  I also figured it would be completely core based.

My Goals Going into it:

My biggest goal going into PiYo was to stick to a program.  This was my biggest fear when I took the leap piyo-results-credit-beachbodyand bought an at home program.  I didn’t think that I would stay committed because I thought I would pick laying on the couch over getting off my butt, getting down on the floor, and pressing play every day.  And you know when your on the treadmill at the gym and someone is running next to you?  You look over and see they’re running faster and longer than you are, so you crank it up to try to beat them for your own amusement?  Yeah.  I thought I wouldn’t have any motivation to give it my all every day.  So, I set the goal to stick to the provided schedule and finish!

I also just wanted to become more flexible by the end of the 60 days.  As I said earlier, I pretty much have the flexibility of an old man.  Like can’t even touch my toes.  If I didn’t get anything else out of this program, I at least wanted to be a little more flexible.

Lastly, I was hoping PiYo would help correct my horrible posture.  Like its so bad that my Chiropractor said I need to do something about it.  I have problems with my left shoulder and neck, so I was hopeful that this program would straighten and lengthen me out, and possibly relieve some of my pain.

What it actually is:

This program is based on a 6 day a week workout schedule, that last 60 days (there are also 60 bonus days for if you want to continue with an advanced version).  All of the workouts are laid out for you, so there’s no guessing as to which workout to do when.  There is one 50 minute workout and the rest are less than 35 minutes!

PiYo really focuses on 4 core yoga poses (downward facing dog, plank, lunges, warrior poses) and very leg intensive, which I wasn’t expecting at all!  It takes these main yoga poses and adds dynamic movement to img_4241them, to create a more intense, and at sometimes cardio, workout.  The first time you do a few of these workouts you will definitely think they are super hard and have no idea how you’re going to finish them.  But trust me, with time they get easier.  There is not many better feelings than being able to complete a workout that you struggled to get through when you first started.

Overall, the workouts went by super quick.  I wasn’t thinking to myself, “ugh when is this going to be over?!?”  The super trainer, Chalene Johnson, is so motivating and up lifting.  She makes you believe that you can finish and give it your all.  Like, I’m kind of obsessed with her…  And while I was on my hour and a half commute home, I wasn’t dreading working out or thinking of putting it off.  I craved these workouts every day, something I had never done before!

My results:

-Better posture

-Bigger range of flexibility

-lean and muscular legs

-tight back

-increased endurance

-more defined and slim midsection

-butt lifted and firm

-confidence in myself to complete and stick to a program

Overall, I am happy with the results I got from 60 days of committing to this program.  If you’re looking to change up your cardio routine for a low impact, high intensity workout, I would definitely recommend this!

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