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What is a Challenge Group?



So, I’m assuming you’ve seen some of my posts on social media advertising these challenge groups, or motivation groups that I run every month.  And I’m guessing you were probably thinking “what the hell does that even mean?” “what is this girl trying to sell?”  Well, here it is, my official explanation as to what a challenge group is, entails, and what to expect:

Every month I set a goal to host one of these challenge groups, which is pretty much like going to work out with your best friend every day, without having to actually leave the house and meet up with them.  Its accountability.  It’s motivation.  It’s fun.  It’s keeping track of your progress.

Challenge groups are fitness and healthy living accountability and motivation groups run completely online.  They are made up of challengers aka other people looking to improve their health and fitness.  

We run these groups through a free app called the My Challenge Tracker.  With this app, you can log your workout for the day, log your daily superfood shake, post about the healthy meal you just had, ask for some motivation from your fellow challengers or coach, and participate in weekly challenges to win prizes!  All in all, it’s just a way for you to stay on track with your fitness journey.  You are more likely to follow through with working out or eating right when you have a team behind to support you and cheer you on.  Not big on the whole posting about working out to a group.  No problem!  You don’t have to if it’s not your thing.  Just log on to the app and be inspired by other people’s posts to push play and get your workout in.  That’s what I consider to be the best part about the challenge group!

Your ticket into a life time of challenge groups is the purchase of a challenge pack.  The challenge pack typically includes:

  • An at home workout program, usually about 30 minutes a day
  • A one month supply of Shakeology, a superfood, meal replacement, nutrition shake
  • 30 Free Trial of Beachbody On Demand, the Netflix of workouts
  • Access to customized meal plans
  • Thousands of clean eating recipes
  • 24/7 access to me as your coach

Our challenge group is like our own little community or friend group.  You may feel weird posting the fact that you’ve worked out or drank your shake at first, but after a while you’ll see that it becomes a habit.  You will feel accomplished every time you post that you followed through in order to achieve your goals.  You will love the support that you get from your fellow challengers liking your posts.  You will feel guilty if you’re not in the mood to workout, open the app, and see everyone else posting about their workout.  It will give you the fire you need to press play for a half hour of your day.

Sound like something that will finally make you commit to your health and fitness?  Click the “Join The Team” option at the top of the page and I’ll help start you on your fitness journey!

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