Creating A Bill Paying Routine




Through out college, I never had a routine for paying my bills. I’d usually just make sure to get them paid before they were due. I’d write down in my planner what was due when, but usually, the water bill would some how slip by every month and would result in paying a late fee, aka a stupidity tax.  The fact that my paycheck varied every week was the main reason why I didn’t have a Set schedule paying my bills on time, other than just paying my 6 or 7 bills individually before they were due.

But since I’ve started my “big girl job”, I’ve got a routine pretty down packed and I think it could be really helpful for those just starting out in the real world.


  1.  Make a list of all of your monthly payments.   Write down their due dates next to each. If this payment is the same dollar amount every month, or you know you’re only going to be paying the minimum, write that down next to it.
  2. Put it on a calendar. Print out a blank calendar, from this month, or any month. Now, write each payment on whatever day it needs to be paid by.  This will really be able to help you see when these payments are due or when you need to get your act together by each month. It will also allow you to chunk your payments together.  Like for me, I have payments either due in the middle of the month, or at the end/ very beginning.
  3. Write down on the calendar when you get paid. If you’re salary, like me, write down the amount your check will be.  For me, I get paid on the 15th and the last day of the month.  But most people get paid by the day of the week, like every other Friday.
  4. Pick the days you will make your payments. Pick one or two days that you will religiously make your payments every month. Up until recently, I’ve only had 4 bills to pay monthly, so one of my checks has been plenty to cover all of my bills.  So, like clock work, I would get paid on the 15th of the month, and pay all of my bills on that day. By doing this, I’ve been able to get it all over with on one day, and not have to worry about it until the next month.  I haven’t missed a payment either.  However, my grace period has come to an end on my student loans, which are a doozy (post to come), so I’m probably going to have to expand to doing two days a month.

I hope this was able to help in some way, shape, or form!  If you have any questions, comments, or would like to chat about me helping create a schedule for you, drop a comment below.


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