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5 Healthy Habits for the Office



Since beginning my career in May, I’ve found that I’ve had to make adjustments to my lifestyle in order to stay healthy and in shape.  I’m not used to working at a job where I’m sitting down, inside, in front of a computer all day.  When I worked at Dunkin’ Donuts during my summer and winter breaks, I swear I would probably walk 3 miles a day within a 20 ft x 5 ft space.  So, about a month after I started my corporate job, I noticed a little jiggle here and there begin to appear.  That’s just what happens when you’re sitting for 9 hours a day.

Instead of just letting it happen, I made it my mission to counteract it.  So, here are a few changes I’ve made to my daily routine to stay healthy at the office:

  • Take the Stairs:  If your building has multiple floors, and you happen to work above the ground floor, skip the elevator.  This is a simple thing that isn’t going to make you completely exhausted or drenched in sweat by the time you get to your desk (unless you work on the 10th floor).  This is something I make sure to do every morning and just overall sets me up for having a healthier day.
  • Pack your food:  You walk into the kitchen at my office at 8 am, and you’ll see a display of bagels, breads, oatmeal, and fruits.  There are a lot of mornings where I want to pop the cinnamon raisin toast in the toaster oven, but I don’t because I have packed a breakfast.  On Sundays, I prep and package all of my food for the week: 2 hardboiled eggs for breakfast, grapes for a morning snack, superfood shake for lunch, and apples with cinnamon for an afternoon snack.  It literally takes an hour of my Sunday to do, and is so worth it in the end.
  • Stand if you can:  Since being back in the office, I’ve seen my img_0006bad shoulder increasingly get worse because I’m hunched over reading stuff or looking at my computer all day.  It’s been so bad that my Chiropractor said he was write me a note for my boss saying that I needed a desk that I could stand at instead of sit.  Fortunately, my desk is high up that it allows me to stand, so, I’ve really been working on switching off between standing and sitting throughout the day.  Not only is it better for you upper half, but it gets you out of your seat and moving.
  • Get Up and Move Every Hour:  My Fitbit goes off every hour if I haven’t hit 250 for that hour yet.  This has been a great reminder that I need to get off my butt for five minutes and move around.  So, walk to the kitchen, the copy room, the restroom, where ever!  Just get up and move.  Lately, I’ve just been walking up and down the stairs in the building.  It’s both great for you physically, but just a little five minute break does a wonder for my productivity.
  • Lunch Break Walk:  I’m not someone who’s a fan of the lunch hour.  I’d rather just work through lunch and leave an hour early.  However, construction never sleeps, so I’m expected to be here for the majority of the afternoon.  Instead of just dicking around on my phone, or going out to eat, I make it a point to walk every day.  It’s not just a way for me to get some exercise, but getting outside is such a mood booster it’s crazy!  I pop in my ear buds, pick a podcast, and just walk around the surrounding neighborhoods.  It so relaxing and I feel great about how I spent my time afterwards.  And now that it’s getting cold here again, I’ve decided that I’m going to continue my walking routine on the treadmill in our little gym down stairs.

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