The Coaching Opportunity

14368799_1602206803406246_6431983415234606614_nWhat is Beachbody Coaching?

Coaching is a lot of things for a lot of different people: a career, a part time job, a hobby, a way to pay it forward, a community of supportive women, a way to keep your health and fitness on track, a future, endless potential, freedom, or just a way to meet new people.

In plain English, a Beachbody Coach is some one who helps start someone on their health and fitness journey with the use of Beachbody program, aka the most effective workouts and meal plans for anyone who is looking to change their life in their body.  A coach not only starts people on their journey, but are their for them for the long haul.  As coaches, we are their for our challengers 24/7, through the victories and hiccups, to keep you motivated or get back on track.  We help our clients establish clear, attainable goals for not only their health, but for life in general.  We’re that health conscious best friend you’ve always wanted to help motivate you to get your workout in and eat right to fuel your body to attain the results you want.

How I started coaching:

One day at work I was scrolling through Instagram (the usual) and found this girl who stood out to me. She looked super cool, boho, and had the abs I’ve always wanted. I found myself getting sucked into her Instagram page and story. I just knew I wanted those abs and to find out where to get some.  Turns out, she was a Beachbody coach. I thought “hmm, Beachbody.  My Mum use to do those at home workout DVDs and got amazing results. I thought only old people did those.  But this girl is young and trendy, did these program and got those kind of result?!?  Maybe I should check it out”. So I went into research mode and found a program I thought I would like, PiYo.  I combined Pilates and yoga, somethi14191936_10210964804904911_8266746600569046564_nng I’d been wanting to try for ages but didn’t want to look like a newbie loser at a yoga studio.

So then, I started looking into this coaching thing.  I figured having a coach would probably make my chances of staying on track with my new fitness program a lot more likely. I didn’t really know what it entailed or if it cost anything, but I decided to search for one.  So once again, I turned to good ol’ Instagram.  I wanted a coach who would be able to give me the attention I needed, not someone who already had 500 clients.  And then I found her, the most adorable and inspiring girl; someone who I thought would be able to motivate me, and have enough time to actually get to know me as a person, not just a customer.

So I messaged her.  She explained to me that she runs challenge groups every month, private motivation groups where you post your works outs and healthy meals, and the secret ingredient to staying on track.  This sounded like something that could really keep me going and not just decide to sit on the coach for all of eternity.  And then I asked her, “what keeps you motivated to workout every day”.  And she said, coaching, because it held her publicly accountable.  So she let me join her challenge group, for free, since I had already purchased PiYo.

I was in the challenge group for about a week, posting my workouts every day, and I just couldn’t stop thinking about becoming a coach.  It seemed like such a fun way to stay on top of my workouts, while motivating others to get fit.  Plus, I had already seen first hand from my Mum that these programs worked, and I was starting to see results myself.  I hadn’t really had any “hobbies”, and could see this as a great way to spend my time productively, while bettering myself, helping others, and making a little extra money to pay off my multitude of student loans.  So I messaged my coaching, saying that I was ready to sign up as a coach and give it mimg_0010y all.

Benefits of Coaching:

The greatest reward to coaching so far is helping others get in the best shape of their lives.  Reconnecting with old friends from high school,
as well as family members, all while guiding them to better health, has been amazing.

Jumping into this opportunity has completely changed my life.  My body and mind are in tip top shape.  I am surround
ed by positive, motivated, and strong women who not only want to better themselves, but truly help others.  I feel like I am for real making a difference in people lives, and its such a great feeling.  There are plenty of other awesome perks that come along with becoming a coach:

-Be your own boss

-25% off all products

-you decide how much or how often you commit to coaching

-your income is a direct reflection of your effort

-no selling, just sharing

-work from anywhere

-earn 25% commission on all products

-low start up cost (fitness program and Shakeology), if you have a smart phone, you can coach

-earn based on your teams productivity

-connect with like minded individuals

-make your own schedule and hours

Beachbody coaching is NOT:

-a pyramid scheme

-a get rich quick job

-a sales person

-a health and fitness expert

-for negative, uninspiring people


Sound like something you may be interested in?  Click the “Join The Team” option at the top of the page and let me help you start you business while getting in the best shape of your life!

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